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Our Vision

Mythical Esports


Mythical Esports prides itself on providing the platform and opportunity for anyone to work and learn in a fun, but professional, esports organization. Through the use of tournament streams on, we showcase the skills that are hidden among the growing number of competitive players, focusing on new and upcoming talent.

Primal League


Primal league is what we hope becomes the tournament format our grassroots community use to make it to the RLRS. The primal league is a point system tournament that focuses on two tiers, the actual primal league and the open to get into it. The 4th week we tally the points and have the top 4 of each group play in a league final (16 teams) while the bottom 2 of each group are either dropped from the league or play in promotions/relegations to stay in the league.


Our Team

We strive to prepare future generations of skilled professionals. Mythical is looking towards continued growth and expansion, in order to provide an increasing number of opportunities to our members. We welcome anyone with a passion for gaming and esports, to come and join our family.

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Jake 'Sauer' Scarlas


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